The Angevine Photo Collection

60 years of Abbot and Abboteers, 1943-2003

Abbot radio shack

Charlie Angevine collected more than 300 photographs of World War II Abbot activities, Abboteers and post-war reunions.

Other photos, including a few duplicates from this collection, are spread throughout this web site. A crew photo from 1945 is available, and the cruise books are also profusely illustrated. We are still in need of photos from the 1950s and — particularly — the 1960s.

If you prefer, the non-reunion photos can be seen in an interactive slide show that can be easily stopped and started.

Images numbered 700 to 799 are from the Vic Loranger collection; most identifications were provided by Charlie Angevine.

We need help identifying photos. See our list of photos that show unidentified sailors or events.

Assistance identifying dates and subjects in the photos is gratefully appreciated, as are better copies of any of the images. Please advise us of any caption errors or additions.

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