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Abbot was commissioned twice — 1943-46 and 1951-65 — and there are no muster rolls outside of those periods. (To answer an obvious question: No one is known to have served aboard Abbot during both commissioning periods.)

We have practical advice and important Internet links to help you find an Abbot crewmen or his buddies. Please visit the Abbot memorial page for a list of those who died while on duty.

If you are searching for a World War II crewman (1943-1946), start with the All Officers 1943-1946 and All Enlisted 1943-1946 lists. Officers and enlisted crew have separate muster rolls because different types of information were recorded for each group; warrant officers are grouped with commissioned officers.

If you are searching for a Cold War crewman (1951-1965), start with the consolidated officers and enlisted muster roll, 1951-65 and then try the cruise books.

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Several relatives were among the 39 officers and 577 enlisted sailors in the World War II crew:

Identical twins:
Roy Dean and Troy Dean Bookout
Edwin L. and William L. Vaughan
Emile A. and Roland A. Pelletier
Joseph F. and Joseph M. Richard

The Rider brothers, Ken and George, served simultaneously in the mid 1950s despite rules that barred the practice. They were both ensigns.

Some sailors from the 1960s may be missing from these rosters if they served aboard Abbot for a very short period. Midshipmen and officer candidates are not listed. Abbot sometimes served as a flagship; flag and staff officers (and their support staffs) are generally not listed here, but we have a few records of Destroyer Squadron 242 staff in 1953 and 1954 while Abbot was flagship. Other guests and flag staff are listed in the ship’s logs and cruise books.

Some names were misspelled in official Navy records, but we have kept the incorrect spellings. For example, the muster roll entry “Herald L. PISAK” is really Herald L. Spisak; the Navy transcribed the name incorrectly, and Herald said it was just too much trouble to change it.

Some data is missing or incomplete because of faulty archiving. Please advise us of any errors.

The muster roll project began in July 2005 and ended in April 2007. The data was copied from official logs and muster rolls held in the National Archives; many thanks to Charlie Angevine for transcribing most of the enlisted rolls and to Bill Beavers for obtaining the bulk of the Cold War era microfilms. Charlie also assembled the massive chronology of all World War II crewmen, and Curtis E. Presley provided many of the 1940s microfilms. Gil Nelson generously allowed us to browse his Navy personnel file, which contained the original officer rosters from the mid 1950s that are reproduced here. The web pages were assembled by Walt Baranger Jr..

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