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Can’t get the videos to play?

Read about the different type of videos that are available on this site:

About the video formats

Abbot videos are offered in several formats; your web browser will automatically pick the best for your device.

The formats are MP4, M4V (iTunes/iPhone/iPad/iPod), WEBM, OGG and MOV (Quicktime).

For best results, use the most recent web browser available for your device. Macs, PC’s and tablets are the best way to view the films, but they will also play with lower picture quality on smart phones. If you have a slow Internet connection, please allow plenty of time for a video to download before trying to play it, otherwise the playback will unexpectedly stop and start as data is downloaded.

The videos have been tested on these web browsers: Firefox version 29.0, Mac and Windows 7; Safari 7.0.1 Mac, Windows 7 and iPhone iOS 7; Google Chrome 31.0.1650.63, Mac; and Internet Explorer 10, Windows 7. Newer versions of each of these browsers should also work.

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Handicapped accessibility

This site has been tested with the Lynx 2.8.5 text-only web browser. Although most pages work fine, some metadata is lost because of limitations within Lynx.

Hearing impaired: The videos on this site have incidental music, but nothing critical to understanding the content. All movies are captioned. There are a few sound clips that have no visual component.

Visually impaired: There are a few sound clips that have no visual component. The movies have no narration, but the Honshu Raid films have a list of scenes; this list can be played with a text-to-speech converter. Most text pages are fully compatible with text-to-speech converters, and the site map leads to all pages.

To adjust the text size in most popular browsers, press CTRL + or CTRL –. Mac users can press Command (Apple) + and Command (Apple) –.

Physically impaired: The pulldown menus that appear at the top of each page are not needed to navigate this site. The site map leads to all pages, and works especially well from Lynx.