Memories of Abbot

Abboteers remember The Big A

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John Alford John Alford Cold War, 1958
Angevine Charlie Angevine Cowpens Collision World War II
John Derr John Derr The final years
Dave Dumas Dave Dumas World War II
John Kelleher Jack Kelleher Near Disaster, 1964 Memories, 1963-1964
Abbot Patch James Michels Decommissioning, 1965
Curt Presley Curt Presley World War II
George Rider George S. K. Rider Saint Patrick’s Eve Tragedy, 1956 Five Degrees From No Return, 1956 Ships That Pass In The Day, 1956
Vittie Sablinskas Vittie Sablinskas World War II Diary