Fletcher-class Destroyers

Layout & Arrangement

Layout of a Fletcher-class destroyer Layout of a Fletcher-class destroyer

You can also view an interactive general blueprint of the Fletcher class as built by the Bath Iron Works.

Arrangement of Fletcher-class Destroyers
Abbr. Compartment Abbr. Compartment
40 40mm AA guns G Galley
5 5”/38-caliber Guns HR Ammunition handling room
BR Boiler room IC&P Interior Communications & Plot
CIC Combat Information Center L Laundry
CM Cold Storage M Magazine
CMC Chief Petty Officers’ Mess MSP Medical Stores & Electrical Shop
DC Damage Control / Battle Dressing Station OQ Officers’ quarters
EQ Enlisted quarters PH Pilot house
ER Engine room S Sound (Sonar) Room
FO Fuel Oil T Torpedoes
    W Wardroom

See the Fletcher Class page for more details about blueprints that are available on this site.