DVD: Abbot 1943-45

All Disks Are Sold Out!

Abbot crew photo

We are no longer offering the Abbot 1943-45 DVD. The information here is purely for the edification of anyone who has a disk and would like to know more about it. Virtually all of the material on the DVD is posted on with site, including all of the videos and photographs.

The Abbot 1943-45 DVD contains high-resolution versions of all of the videos that appear on this web site, along with several slide shows. We sold these DVDs to buyers around the world, since running footage of Fletcher-class destroyers is relatively scarce.

The films and slide shows total more than 45 minutes, and include:

The disk is compatible with all DVD-R devices and NTSC DVD players. It may not play on some older DVD players or PAL/SECAM players.

DVD disk art