USS Abbot

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Hi, I'm David W. Dumas. When I finished high school, I enlisted in the Naval Reserves for "...the duration of the war plus six months." The war ended while I was in boot camp.

I did my boot training in Great Lakes, Illinois. The top two images were taken there. The first is my company; Co. 842. I'm in the third row behind the 54th Battalion "A" flag. The next image is me alone.

Following boot camp, I reported aboard the USS Abbot DD-629 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington. The Abbot had just returned from Asia-Pacific duty. She went into dry dock for repairs, then headed for San Diego, California for decommissioning. On the way, we stopped in Anacortes, Washington, for Navy Day, 1945.

The next three images, are from a brochure that we handed out to visitors during the Navy Day celebrations. This is a one sheet brochure, folded in half, and printed inside and out. The first image is the outside, showing the back and front. The second is the inside left and right pages. The third image is an 800x600 scanner enlargement of the picture on the front page.
This is a 3"x 3" cloth patch with the ship's emblem on it. It was made recently.

The bottom two pictures were taken in San Diego. The first is a crew's photo. This is a very large image, 1827x657, so if you click on it, it may take awhile to download. I'm standing in the second row behind the seated officers. Counting from the officer sitting on the left, I'm between the fourth and fifth officers. The Abbot is directly behind the crew. There is no ship berthed on her starboard side, so you can see her full length. The second photo is a snap shot of me on the barrel of the forward 5 inch mount.

After placing the Abbot in "mothballs," I was reassigned to the USS Hale DD-642. About two weeks later I was honorably discharged from active duty.

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