Abbot in November 1952

These are highlights of Abbot’s career. All dates are Greenwich Mean Time. Refer to the ship’s log and World War II cruise book for details of wartime operations. See the official history for details of activities after 1950.

Battle Star = Battle Star

Begin End Operation Force Action
Many thanks to Charlie Angevine for corrections to this table.
21SEP1942     Bath Iron Works Keel laid
17FEB1943     Bath Iron Works Abbot launched at Bath, Maine
23APR1943     Boston Navy Yard Abbot commissioned under Commander Chester E. (Blackie) Carroll
10MAY1943 11MAY1943     Test runs off Maine coast
18JUN1943       Final inspection by Commander, Destroyers Atlantic Fleet; sail to Boston
31JUL1943       Search for German submarine survivors in Caribbean
13AUG1943       Lt. Cdr. Marshall Dornin relieves Cdr. Chester E. Carroll as commanding officer
16AUG1943 06SEP1943     Drydock for new shafts
08SEP1943 09SEP1943     Sail Boston → Norfolk, Va.; War cruise begins
10SEP1943 16SEP1943     Sail Norfolk, Va. → Panama Canal Zone
17SEP1943       Transit Panama Canal
18SEP1943 26SEP1943     Sail Panama Canal Zone → San Diego
28SEP1943 02OCT1943     Sail San Diego → Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
18OCT1943       Collision with aircraft carrier Cowpens off Hawaii
19OCT1943 10DEC1943     Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard – repairs
21DEC1943 25DEC1943     Sail Pearl Harbor → Funafuti, Ellice Islands
25DEC1943       First crossing of equator
26DEC1943 22JAN1944     Training in Funafuti area
29JAN1944 09FEB1944 Flint 50.15/DesRon48/DesDiv95 Occupation of Kwajelein and Majuro, Marshall Is. Battle Star
09FEB1944 ??FEB1944     Patrol Kwajalein ←→ Majuro
15MAR1944     7th Fleet Southern Solomons – Escort convoys to Milne Bay & Cape Sudest
21APR1944 01JUN1944 Persecution 78.2/DesRon48/DesDiv95 Operations at Aitape; Humboldt Bay; and Tanahmerah, New Guinea Battle Star
07MAY1944 12MAY1944     Sail → Espiritu Santo
12MAY1944 10JUN1944     Espiritu Santo area – Maintenance, training
12JUN1944 04AUG1944 Forage 53.7/DesRon48/DesDiv95 Occupation of Saipan and Guam, Marianas Battle Star
11AUG1944 28AUG1944     Pearl Harbor – Repairs, relaxation, training
14AUG1944       Lt. Cdr. Francis. W. Ingling relieves Cdr. Marshall Dornin as commanding officer
15SEP1944 03OCT1944     Sail Eniwetok → Seeadler Harbor
03OCT1944 14OCT1944     Training in Manus area
14OCT1944 20OCT1944 King2 77 Sail Seadler Harbor → Leyte Gulf, Philippines
20OCT1944       Advance scout duty; Lead convoy of transports into Leyte Gulf Battle Star
21OCT1944 26OCT1944     Escort convoy of transports Leyte Gulf → Hollandia
26OCT1944 02NOV1944     Hollandia
02NOV1944 05NOV1944     Escort convoy with transports Hollandia → Morotai
05NOV1944 10NOV1944     Morotai
10NOV1944 15NOV1944     Escort convoy Morotai → Leyte, Philippines
15NOV1944 24NOV1944     Dulag
24NOV1944 29NOV1944     Escort convoy Dulag → New Noumea, Hollandia
29NOV1944 22DEC1944     New Noumea, Hollandia
22DEC1944 02JAN1945     Escort convoy New Noumea, Hollandia → Leyte, Philippines
04JAN1945 15JAN1945 Mike1 77.4.2 Lingayen Gulf landings Battle Star
01FEB1945 07FEB1945     Mangarin Bay, Mindoro, Philippines
07FEB1945       Mangarin Bay, Mindoro – sail to Subic Bay, Philippines
14FEB1945 28FEB1945     Landings, Manila Bay and Corregidor, Philippines Battle Star
17FEB1945 24FEB1945     Subic Bay – replenishment, upkeep
17FEB1945 17FEB1945     Captured three Japanese soldiers swimming away from Corregidor
24FEB1945 28FEB1945 Vict3 74.2 Landings at Palawan, Philippines
28FEB1945 12JUN1945     Operations in southern Philippines Battle Star
28FEB1945 04MAR1945     Subic Bay, Philippines
04MAR1945 17MAR1945 Vict4 78 Landings at Zamboanga, Philippines
17MAR1945 24MAR1945     Subic Bay – upkeep
24MAR1945 26MAR1945 Vict2 74.3 Landings at Cebu, Philippines
26MAR1945       Tender availability in San Pedro Bay, Philippines
??APR1945 24APR1945     Transport passengers & mail in Philippines
24APR1945 08MAY1945     Fire support in Cebu Harbor, Philippines
08MAY1945 17MAY1945   78.3 Landings at Macalajar Bay, Philippines
15MAY1945 12JUN1945     Patrols, escort duty in Southern Philippines
10JUL1945 09AUG1945   38.3/DesRon48/DesDiv95 Raids on Japan home islands Battle Star
14JUL1945     34.8.1/DesRon48/DesDiv95 Bombardment of Kamaishi steel works, Honshu, Japan
08AUG1945     38.3/DesRon48/DesDiv95 Starboard propeller dropped off during high speed run off Japan
09AUG1945 17AUG1945     Escort damaged destroyer Borie → Saipan
17AUG1945 18AUG1945     Saipan – Drydocked for repairs
18AUG1945       Saipan – Sail Saipan → Puget Sound for repairs
27OCT1945       Navy Day in Anacortes, Washington
21MAY1946     Pacific Reserve Fleet San Diego – Decommissioned and assigned to reserve fleet
26FEB1951     Naval Station San Diego Recommissioned
APR1952 OCT1952   Sixth Fleet Mediterranean cruise
01JUN1954 18DEC1954   DesDiv242 World cruise
01JUN1954     DesDiv242 Departed Newport, Rhode Island
05JUN1954     DesDiv242 Arrived & departed Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
07JUN1954     DesDiv242 Transited Panama Canal; arrived Balboa, Canal Zone (Rodman Naval Base)
09JUN1954     DesDiv242 Departed Balboa, Canal Zone
16JUN1954 18JUN1954   DesDiv242 San Diego
24JUN1954 26JUN1954   DesDiv242 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory
29JUN1954 30JUN1954   DesDiv242 Midway Island
02JUL1954     DesDiv242 Crossed international dateline at 29°15”N
07JUL1954 16JUL1954   DesDiv242 Yokosuka, Japan and cruise off Korea
20JUL1954     TG 70.2 Arrived off Subic Bay, Philippines. Operated as part of a fast carrier task group off island of Hainan, China, and Indochina. Ship recommended for China Service Medal (extended).
31JUL1954 04AUG1954   TG 70.2 Subic Bay, Philippines
11AUG1954     DesDiv242 Detached from TG 70.2
17AUG1954 21AUG1954   DesDiv242 Yokosuka, Japan
22AUG1954 26AUG1954   TG 96.7 Antisubmarine training.
27AUG1954 04SEP1954   DesDiv242 Subic Bay, Philippines
04SEP1954 21SEP1954   TG 70.2 Operated as part of a fast carrier task group off island of Formosa. Ship recommended for China Service Medal.
22SEP1954 25SEP1954   DesDiv242 Subic Bay, Philippines
25SEP1954 29SEP1954   DesDiv242 Manila, Philippines
03OCT1954 18OCT1954   DesDiv242 Sasebo, Japan
21OCT1954 25OCT1954   DesDiv242 Hong Kong
28JUL1954     DesDiv242 Crossed equator at 106°10”E; crew initiated into Royal Order of Shellbacks and issued certificates.
29OCT1954 01NOV1954   DesDiv242 Singapore
05NOV1954 08NOV1954   DesDiv242 Colombo, Ceylon
13NOV1954     DesDiv242 Aden
14NOV1954     DesDiv242 Massawa, Eritrea
16NOV1954 17NOV1954   DesDiv242 Transit Suez Canal
17NOV1954     DesDiv242 Port Said, Egypt
20NOV1954 24NOV1954   DesDiv242 Naples, Italy
25NOV1954 01DEC1954   DesDiv242 Golfe-Juan, France
02DEC1954 07DEC1954   DesDiv242 Barcelona, Spain
08DEC1954 09DEC1954   DesDiv242 Gibraltar
12DEC1954     DesDiv242 Ponta Delgada, Azores
18DEC1954     DesDiv242 Arrive Newport, Rhode Island; world cruise completed.
11JUL1958 13NOV1958   DesDiv102 Mediterranean cruise
04JUL1960   Fourth of July DesDiv202 New York City
22JUL1960 27JUL1960 LANTFLEX DesDiv202 Sydney, Nova Scotia
06SEP1960 16DEC1960 Long Ears DesDiv202 Mediterranean and Asian cruise
20SEP1960   Long Ears DesDiv202 Crossed arctic circle off Iceland coast at 66°33’N 14°44’W
07NOV1960   Long Ears DesDiv202 Karachi, Pakistan
20NOV1960   Long Ears DesDiv202 Athens
05MAY1961   Project Mercury DesFlotFour Support MR-3 Freedom 7, America’s first manned space flight.
26MAR1965     ResDesRon 30
Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Company, Chester, Pennsylvania
01DEC1974     Philadelphia Navy Yard Stricken from the Navy List
31JUL1975     Philadelphia Navy Yard Sold for scrap to Boston Metals Co. of Baltimore