Cruises June-December 1960

Courtesy of Christopher Bayley

Destroyer Division 202 and its flagship Abbot played host to a midshipmen cruise in the summer of 1960, then cruised the Mediterranean and Asia during the autumn of 1960. This 60-page cruise book commemorates those events, and is Abbot’s last cruise book.

Abbot had adopted the nickname “Long Ears”, which it earned for sonar prowess during a successful antisubmarine exercise the previous year.

To put the time period into perspective: John F. Kennedy was elected president during the fall cruise; The Denver Broncos defeated the Boston Patriots, 13-10, before 21,597 fans in the first regular-season game of the American Football League; and the United States announced its first (and partial) economic embargo of Cuba.

Ports of call for DesRon 202 included Karachi, Pakistan; Oporto, Portugal; Gibraltar; and other exotic locales. They even ventured into the arctic waters of the North Atlantic.

This cruise book was printed in black and white, and bound in a dark blue hard cover.

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