Mediterranean Cruise: 11 July to 13 November 1958

Courtesy of John L. Alford

Fifteen years after its commissioning, Abbot set sail for the Mediterranean in yet another war — the Cold War. Thanks to John Alford, we have both the cruise book and color film.

The film shows both the ’58 Med cruise and the 1957 NATO manuevers. Click here to see it.

With 64 photo-packed pages, the cruise book records a sniper attack against MM3 Joe DiMotta (during a movie, of all things; Joe survived) and leisurely tourist trips to Europe and Beirut.

Abbot’s post-war tripod mast is visible in some of the photos, as are updated weapon systems and electronics.

This cruise book was printed in black and white, and bound in a dark blue cloth hard cover with a map of the cruise on the endsheets (also reproduced here).

Use your computer’s left- and right-arrow keys to move through the electronic edition.

The high-resolution version is suitable for reprinting. The low-resolution version downloads faster and is better for viewing on a computer.

High resolution PDF [33MB]
Low resolution PDF [7MB]