World War II Cruise: 1943-1945

Courtesy of Walter Baranger Jr.

WWII Cover

Abbot’s war cruise was well documented by a small but highly informative cruise book that emphasized text over photos.

Aside from detailed coverage of traditional “crossing the line” navy ceremonies, it contains a very tidy explanation of typical destroyer operations in the Pacific and, specifically, the Philippines.

This cruise book was printed in black and white, and staple-bound in a simple colored paper cover (most are orange or green, and some are blue). It was printed at the Puget Sound Naval Station in Washington in 1945.

The web version can be printed for easier reading and is best for casual perusing on line; it contains several multimedia features and links to related information. The high-resolution version of the original book is most suitable for reprinting. The low-resolution version downloads faster and is better for viewing on a computer.

We also have an ebook version for digital book devices. This is in the standard ePub format, but lacks maps and links to other resources.

Downloads and versions
Web version
High resolution PDF [6MB]
Low resolution PDF [1MB]
eBook version (For digital book devices, in ePub format.)